What is Social Media

Hi and welcome to my first blog post based on social media. This blog will focus on the history of social media and how businesses use social media

To me social media is about connecting people to each other through different techniques like messaging, calling/video calling and emailing and these can be achieved my using different social media applications, websites and software’s, which can be accessed through many devices.


The history of social media

In the 1960’s the first type of Internet offered to the public in America was called CompuServe, which provided people to use their online services.

During the 1980’s computers were becoming more popular, the reason being is because during this time CompuServe were the first to develop online chatting that runs at real time.

The first social media website to be created was in 1997, which was called six degrees. This website allowed users to create a profile and make friends with others online.


Later on in the early 2000’s websites like MySpace and LinkedIn came out, with also Photobucket which came in 2003, that allowed users to upload and share their photos and videos with others.

YouTube came in 2005, allowing people to watch and share their own video creations online.

In 2006 both Facebook and Twitter came out and was available to everyone throughout the world. With Facebook currently being the number one most visited social media website, following YouTube being second, Instagram being third, Twitter being fourth and Reddit being fifth most visited in 2016.

How businesses use social media

The first step for businesses when advertising their product or service is to look at the social media marketing plan, which includes steps and guides like planning, providing content that will be valuable to your customers and to be aware of your competitors. By following the social media marketing plan, it can help businesses achieve awareness for their product or service.

Different social media business can use

Facebook allows business to set up a free business page, where the business can communicate to their customers through messaging them or commenting on their post. Facebook also allows people to sign up to receive notifications, whenever there is a new post on the page. This keeps people up to date, which is useful when wanting to grow your business.

Twitter allows business to tweet, about up to date information and thoughts on the latest product. Twitter also allows you to connect to your customers by replying to their tweets, and it has shown that 85% of SMB Twitter users prefer that business provide a customer service page on Twitter.

Twitter also offers a function that can be an advantage for business, which is the hashtags. Business can use the hashtag technique as it allows, the customers to find all the latest news on a particular  topic.  Another function that Twitter can provide to businesses is the customer feedback , which is an easy way for businesses to receive feedback from their customers and it also allows the business to save the responses they get.

YouTube allows business to promote their advertisements based on people interest, age, gender and location. YouTube allows the business to choose how much they are willing to spend on the advertisements. YouTube also has  a built-in analytics, where businesses can see how well their advertisement is doing.

So as you can see social media has developed a lot over the years, and it can be a very useful technique for companies to grow their business and attract new customers.


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