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This is my second post, which is based on blogging and its history, how businesses use blogs and the purpose behind blogging.

blog The blue diamond gallery. 2015. http://www.thebluediamondgallery.com/tablet/b/blog.html

The history of blogging

Blogging first started around the 1994’s with the first blog created by Justin Hall, who created his blog on a site called Links.net. During the 1997 the blogging or blogger term we know today was actually called weblog, then later changed to blog in 1999  by a programmer called Peter Merholz.

What is blogging

Blogging is where people come to write post, about their thoughts, opinion and share their knowledge about different topics, like me and you are doing.

It’s where people with similar interest in these topics, can come read these blogs as well as learning new information. With this type of communication it can help create a community, where we can come together and share our viewpoints on certain topics.


Podcasting is similar to blogging, the only difference is its audio based instead of text-based. Podcasting came for the same reasons as a blog, but both can be used differently.

With podcasting people can download it onto their devices and it can easily be accessible to them whenever they want to listen to it. For example while they are on the go, while driving, exercising or just when you are doing housework. Podcast can be accessed through the apple store, access internet radio and access granted which provides users to download some podcast for free.

How businesses are using blogs

Businesses can use blogs as a term of marketing their goods or services, as they can control what they want to write in their blogs, who they wish to share it with and what can be displayed on their page. This can help the business reach new customers, as well informing and keeping older customers up to date on the latest news.

This is an advantage especially for small business in particular, as the marketing cost is low, so it’s ideal for those businesses that are just starting up or who have a small budget.

Another reason businesses use blogs is, a way of communicating to their customers. Blogging gives the business the opportunity to talk to their customers directly, through commenting on the post, and in return these comments can provide the business with feedback, which can then help the business understand their customers better, and in the long run it can help grow and improve the business.

To me this is really important, for companies to understand if they wish to be successful, because without proper understanding of what their customers think, expect or feel about the company, the business won’t survive long in the market.

Businesses who use blogs

One famous brand that has been using blogs is Walmart. They use blogs like any other business would. Which would be to keep their customers informed, talk about their products, but with Walmart they offer something different, which is they write stories about the people who work  for their company, from their suppliers to the people working in the stores. The stories are about their lives, and their experience working in Walmart. These stories add a personal touch to the blogs, where it shows their customers and readers that they are a family friendly place, who cares about the community and the people.

walmart.PNGWalmart. 2017. Opportunity. http://blog.walmart.com/topics/opportunity

Hopefully this has helped you to get an idea behind blogging, and why it can be a successful technique for businesses. Let me know your thoughts on this.

Thank you for reading.





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